Global Hardwood Veneer

Columbia Forest Products is the largest manufacturer of rotary decorative hardwood veneer in North America. Specializing in Northern Appalachian hardwoods, veneers from 0.4mm to 1.65mm in thickness are produced for both domestic and export markets.

The leading supplier of hardwood veneer in North America

ANSI/HPVA defines veneer as “a thin sheet of wood, rotary cut, sliced, or sawed from a log, bolt or flitch.”

Rotary cut species offered globally are ash, basswood, birch, maple, poplar, and red oak. Plain sliced species offered are alder and aromatic cedar.

Shipping available from any North American port.

Orders available by container only.


Veneer Grades

  • Select Veneer is composed entirely of heartwood or sapwood and is matched for both grain, pattern and color.
  • Uniform Veneer is also composed of entirely heartwood or sapwood, but is matched for color only.
  • Natural Veneer is composed of both heartwood and sapwood and is generally less expensive than select or uniform veneers.
  • Paint Grade Veneer has a smooth enough finish so none of the wood grain characteristics show through the paint.
  • Stain Grade Veneer is meant to take a clear or tinted stain and still show the natural characteristics of the wood.

global hardwood veneer

global hardwood veneer

global hardwood veneer

global hardwood veneer

How Veneer is Cut

  • Rotary Cut Veneers

Entire log is peeled producing a continuous ribbon of veneer.table_prodvenrotary

  • Plain Sliced Veneers

Log is cut in half lengthwise. Each half is then sliced lengthwise producing a veneer with a unique grain pattern.table_prodvenplain

  • Rift Sliced Veneers

Log is cut into quarters lengthwise then sliced at a 90-degree angle to the grain. This produces a fine pencil stripe effect. Both plain and rift sliced veneers are reserved for high-grade “fancy” panels.table_prodvenrift

  • Half Round Sliced Veneers

This is a variation of rotary cutting. This effect results from the log being mounted off center in the lathe so only one side of the log is sliced at a time.table_prodvenround

  • Quarter Sliced Veneers

The quarter log is mounted so the growth rings strike the cutting knife at right angles. This produces a series of stripes in the veneer.table_prodvenquarter