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What adhesive should I use to install PureBond formaldehyde free redoak 1/4" plywood to osb?

adhesive Q# 2534 / Submitted 11/21/2013

You do not indicate the end use, but if you are looking to glue pieces of our product to OSB, any of the typical wood glues sold at your local home center should work fine. Hope this helps!

When specifying HPVA HP-1 hardwood veneer plywood premium grade what submittal requirements should be accepted. What is the thickness of Sepele Mahogany veneer on 3/4" thick panels. What is standard detail for veneer edges?

HPVA HP-1 Plywood Veneer Panels Q# 2532 / Submitted 11/15/2013

The veneer thickness will vary after the panel is pressed and sanded, but typically sapele veneer will range from .200" to as thin as .015" before being assembled into a panel. Overall panel thickness for a 3/4" panel can range from .703" to .750". As far as the edge detail is concerned, we provide a raw edge that will require further treatment by the fabricator if the edges are to be exposed. Options for treatment may include, but are by no means restricted to wood veneer tape, solid wood, plastic banding, or even steel, aluminum, or brass. Thank you for your inquiry!