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7/15/10 3:03:32 AM — Old Fort, NC, U.S.A

The eight step: Is the patch line when the final product is sawed, patched, and sanded. Pictured is Deborah Harris. She patches up the sheets.
— Formaldehyde in Wood — The new law signed last week by President Obama limiting the amount of formaldehyde allowed in wood is expected to lead to higher furniture prices. But there will likely also be good deals for months or even years while some retailers clear out products that don?t comply ? for those willing to buy it. Formaldehyde is linked to cancer and has long been known to cause respiratory problems. The government-provided trailers for victims of Hurricane Katrina were removed because of breathing problems caused by formaldehyde in particle board used in them. It will be virtually impossible for manufacturers and retailers of low-priced furniture and cabinetry to avoid raising prices, experts say, because their products are often made at least in part with particle board, which is sawdust, wax and formaldehyde-based glue. And many lower-priced wood products are made with imported plywood, which also often uses formaldehyde. Making matters worse: There?s no labeling yet on what does and doesn?t contain added formaldehyde, so shoppers will have to check with individual manufacturers. —

Photo by Krystal Kinnunen-Harris, Freelance