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  • Latin name: Acer saccharum, A. nigrum
  • Common name(s): Rock Maple, Sugar Maple, White Maple
  • Sources: USA and Canada
CHARACTERISTICS Sapwood varies from soft pinkish white to light yellow to light khaki in color. Surface is smooth, tight, and dense. Heartwood ranges from dark brown to green to black. Typically sold as white maple due to its broadly defined uniform light color. Growth rings are light and at times imperceptible. Susceptible to insect assault resulting in brown streaks called worm track and sometimes incorrectly sugar streaks.
COMMON CUTS Rotary cut, Plain sliced, Half round, Quarter sliced and Rift cut usually pulled from sliced quarters.
USES Decorative veneer and lumber primarily for kitchen cabinetry and furniture. Excellent surface for painting.
AVAILABILITY Readily available
PRICE $-$$ depending on specifications