Columbia Forest Products:

A Company That Significantly Serves You

Why Join CFP

At Columbia Forest Products, we value each and every employee and the qualities they bring to the table. When you join our team, you’re joining a family that works together to solve problems and collaborates to make a difference in the community and the industry. We want you to grow and build a career with us — not just a job.


Shares The Success

Our victories are ours to share. That is why our company is an ESOP, Employee Stock Ownership — this means for every year of employment, you get stock in the company. 

Customer Service

We aim to offer significant service to our employees, our customers, our community and our natural resources. We go the extra mile to ensure proper care. 

Absolute Integrity

As the long-standing leader in environmental sustainability, we strive to consistently support other industries and people while taking pride in our work. 

We Are Family

You’re never just a number to us. We strive to build relationships with all of our employees to create connections deeper than a typical 9-5 job.

Building Relationships and Adapting for Success

Kevin Crisp has been with Columbia Forest Products for 30 years, starting when he was only 22. He has held various positions, gaining a 360-degree view of the business. Throughout his career, Kevin's ability to build relationships and adapt to different roles has been instrumental, leading to his current position as National Accounts Manager. He emphasizes the importance of continuous learning and adaptation as the key to success in a changing industry while also cherishing family time outside of work.

What Our Employees Think

At CFP, opportunities abound for personal and professional growth. Being a growth-oriented company, CFP maintains a dynamic portfolio of both tactical and strategic projects which, in turn, provide opportunities to employees to take part in and learn new processes, methodologies, applications, and systems. These projects and initiatives also create opportunities for advancement within the company.

Kelly M.

You can make this your home and, in the process, get a great family to go along with it.

Doug W.

I've learned that Columbia strives to empower employee/owners to continuously improve, so that each individual can advance on a personal level, which advances Columbia on the whole. The structure of the ESOP truly does provide for the ability for everyone to have an impact on the company's safety metrics, financial performance, quality customer service, and position us well as we head towards the future.

Macon S.

This company truly believes and invests in its people and will help you reach any goals you set for yourself. ESOP certainly sets us apart from other prospective employers in our area, and understanding the real value of that and that you are an owner in this company and can help shape and share our success is rare to find elsewhere.

Matt E.

Come to CFP to be a part of something special, a great place to work. Come to CFP to not just have a job but a career. Come willing to make a difference and have a voice.

Randy M.


ESOP & Retirement

We invest in our team’s future. Our employees
have access to Employee Stock Ownership
Plans and a 401K.

Paid Time Off

Whether you have an outside obligation
come up, need to spend time with your family
or just want a day to yourself, we want to give
you that flexibility. We offer paid holidays and
paid vacation days to our team members.

Pay & Rewards

Your skills and time are extremely valuable to
us. Our employees receive competitive pay,
signing bonuses for certain positions and
rewards based on performance.

Health Care

Our employees' health is a top priority. That is
why we offer medical, dental and vision
insurance. Plus, life insurance and disability
insurance are available.

Professional Development

We want to see your career flourish. We offer yearly leadership trainings to emerging leaders within the company. We also provide access to additional trainings and videos that help our employee owners develop their knowledge of the hardwood plywood industry.

Exceptional Job Benefits Await You

Elevate Your Career Experience with Our Comprehensive Benefits Package

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A Company That Significantly Serves You