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CustomColors™ is Columbia Forest Products’ solution to pre-applied custom stained panels.

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Pre-applied Custom Stained Panels.

Designed to provide greater flexibility and control for customers to select, match and manage their stain procedures for Columbia products, CustomColors™ resolves a host of bottlenecks in the production process. CustomColors is pre-applied, UV cured, 100% solid stain applied with our state-of-the-art equipment to provide superior quality and consistency. Customers can select from three gloss levels: Satin (30-40), Medium (50-60) and High (80-90).

Questions and Answers

What products are available for staining with CustomColors?

Nearly all of Columbia’s wood products are available for custom staining with CustomColors. Panels of 1/4″ may be produced using MDF, PBC or veneer core. Panels thinner than 1/4″ are available in PBC or MDF.

What core options are available in this program?

Multiple core options include the following: MDF, PBC, JayCore® and KayCore®.

What is the chemical makeup of the stain?

UV cured Urethane Modified Acrylic, 100% solid stains.

Is there a minimum order required for CustomColors?

Yes. The minimum order for CustomColors staining is 240 sides in two options: 240 UV one side, or 120 UV two sides.

Do I have to stain both sides with CustomColors?

No. We can apply UV Clear on one and stain the other or we can simply stain one side. The same minimum orders will apply.