Fitucci Custom Cabinets

An Array of Sustainable Solutions

Most of us equate Los Angeles with intense smog and dense traffic, hardly a model for sustainability. But in 2007 Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa declared that he was going to transform his city into “the greenest big city in America.” One of the ways he planned to accomplish this was to embrace green building practices.

Los Angeles now requires all new public buildings to meet LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards provided by the US Green Building Council. And the city is going even further, by working with private developers by providing resources and incentives to build green in the area.

Eric Fitucci, owner of Fitucci Custom Cabinets, learned of this and there were no questions, he knew which way to steer his third generation family cabinetry business. They were going to go green. Because Los Angeles was seeking LEED certification Fitucci knew that he could not just say that products were sustainable, he would have to provide documents to prove it. This inspired him and his company to extensively research all materials and practices.

“Today there is more awareness of environmental issues and in turn there is more demand for solutions,” says Fitucci. “We work with many different materials and products which are certified green.” From reclaimed and recycled metal hardware to FSC-certified wood and hardwood plywood made with formaldehyde-free PureBond® technology to using no VOC finishes, Fitucci now carries an array of sustainable solutions.

One of the more unique materials Fitucci uses is solid Lyptus® which is a fast-growing, eucalyptus hybrid. Eric explains “Eucalyptus is a dense and hard wood commonly used for flooring. It is very durable. We use it for cabinets because we want our products to be as hard-wearing and long-lasting as possible.” Fitucci sees durability as another important aspect of sustainability and they consider this with each design and selection of materials.

Fitucci has a remarkable showroom which features more than 100 cabinet options. They are proficient in all types of design styles spanning the gamut from contemporary to traditional. The company prides itself in their close working relationship with their customers. “Every job is unique to us,” explains Eric.

Fitucci is considered one of Southern California’s premier green cabinet providers and their work has been praised by the Los Angeles Green Design Network, and Luxe Publishers.