Funtime Cabinet Factory

Perfect for California: Friendly high design.

You have surely seen the work of interior designer Nate Berkus and the architect William Heffner on Oprah, but who built those kitchens? You guessed it!

Some fabricators like to be all things to all people. Others choose to do one thing and do it exceptionally well. Funtime Cabinet Factory reflects the later. Don’t let the name fool you, these guys are all business when it comes to building the best kitchens around.

Funtime intends on solving all the problems before they happen. As Shawn Belschner explains “Our design process is straightforward, informative and thorough. We provide you with a complete set of full-sized working blueprints of your project. Because we are so thorough in our design process, there will be no hidden fees or surprises. We pride ourselves on being as professional and thorough as possible.”

They take the time to ask customers a lot of questions about how they live.

     Do you stay up late a night?

     Do you like to have cocktail parties and not cook?

     Do you like to make big family meals?

They take the time to understand what you need from your kitchen.

While they can build the plans of any architect or interior designer most of their work is of their own design. “People most often ask us to simply do what we do – for them,” says Belschner. Their signature style is a synthesis of the spacious counters, thoughtfully arranged cabinetry. The lines are clean, warm and friendly, not stark and sterile like European modern design. Their work has the same sunny, open air feeling that is the hallmark of the California experience. They truly understand space and light and the result is a perfect marriage of place and cabinets, not just cabinets lining a square room.

Because we have a design facility and factory on the premises it gives us the flexibility to work on projects of all sizes.

Belschner goes on to explain Funtime’s green philosophy: My partner and I have always been earth-conscious, hippy and throw backs. In our personal lives we are very conscious of recycling and being good to the earth. When green materials first became available years ago we were the first to try them. We were excited when PureBond® came out because it made great plywood made with formaldehyde free technology available. The most popular green material we sell is bamboo because it looks different and because has a believable green story. And now we have become totally CARB compliant.”

Funtime has been featured in LuxSource magazine.