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Classic Core®

Classic Core is constructed with smooth voidless MDF crossbands which add a whole new dimension to the meaning of lightweight strength and surface quality.

Classic Core,, FSC, FSC Certified, PureBond, hardwood plywood, plywood, Columbia Forest Products, Columbia, eco-friendly, veneers
Beautiful… inside and out

Classic Core,, FSC, FSC Certified, PureBond, hardwood plywood, plywood, Columbia Forest Products, Columbia, eco-friendly, veneers

You can’t see it on the surface, but the key components in Classic Core are voidless, engineered, no added urea formaldehyde MDF crossbands that adds an extra dimension to Columbia’s veneer core hardwood plywood.

Classic Core provides an improved surface over softwood veneer core, reducing the potential for core telegraphing. These smooth panels are ideal for applications including furniture, cabinetry and fixtures. Classic Core may contribute to LEED® V4 credits as it conforms to CARB Phase 2 emission requirements.

What Lies Beneath Makes A Difference

Classic Core provides a smooth, sound surface with higher density than traditional veneer core. This reduces the potential for core telegraphing through decorative veneer overlays. Classic Core also significantly reduces finishing problems stemming from allowed open knot holes or open joints in standard veneer core constructions.

Features & Benefits

  • Classic Core panels have a thin MDF crossbands next to the face and back for projects that require a smoother face than typical veneer core panels.
  • Classic Core panels have excellent machining properties.
  • Classic Core panels are constructed with no added urea formaldehyde (NAUF) MDF crossbands.

    PureBond, hardwood plywood, plywood, Columbia Forest Products, Columbia, eco-friendly, veneers

  • Standard thicknesses for our PureBond Classic Core include 1/2″, 5/8″, 3/4″, 1″ and 1-1/4″. Classic Lam thickness offerings include 1/2″, 11/16″, 3/4″, 15/16″ and 1″. Ask us about our other thickness options.
  • Classic Core panels can be specified as FSC® certified upon request.

PureBond Classic Core and LEED®

PureBond Classic Core and PureBond Classic Lam can be ordered through out mills upon request, subject to market availability of NAUF (no added urea formaldehyde) thin MDF crossbands. PureBond Classic Core contributes to LEED credit IEQ 4.4 calling for composite panel products with no added urea formaldehyde.

Our PureBond Classic Core and PureBond Classic Lam panels are also available as FSC® certified upon request. FSC certified panels contribute to the LEED MR 7.0 credit.

Test* Classic Core Softwood Veneer Core
3/4″ thickness 0.726 0.721
Density (lbs/ft3) 38.4 27.3
Max. load (lbs) 527 446
MOR (psi) 6,010 5,171
MOE (psi) 670,894 663,111
Screw withdrawal – face (lbs) 274 267
Screw withdrawal – edge (lbs) 288 208
Janka Ball Hardness 866 521
Wt. per panel (lbs): 48.5 X 96.5″ 74 54

*Test samples were constructed with rotary maple face and back. Test results for hardness can differ depending on density of decorative veneer. Wood is natural, thus physical properties including weight can vary. Test data is for informational purposes and does not represent a claim by Columbia that identical panel assemblies meet these properties in the field.


The Classic Core Line

copy_ccClassic Core®

Classic Core offers a construction of veneer core inner plies and NAUF MDF cross-bands. The panel thickness dictates the actual thickness of the MDF used in the construction. Although Classic Core still falls within the HPVA thickness tolerance of +0 / -3/64″, the engineered MDF cross bands provide more consistent thickness tolerances compared with single-step, all-veneer core construction.


J Classic Core®

J Classic Core core is constructed with a thin MDF crossband, thus this panel has an overall increased volume of veneer inner ply, weighing less than Classic Core. The thin composite lines in the profile of this panel, are barely noticeable, which is important in applications with an exposed edge. The J designation means this platform is pre-sanded before we apply the face and back veneers. J Classic Core offers superior features in terms of strength, stability, weight, surface quality and thickness consistency. This platform fits the bill for end users that operate CNC equipment that requires tighter tolerances. For end users that need a core that is closer to a full 3/4″ Columbia offers a 19.5mm (.767) J Classic Core.

copy_cclClassic Lam®

Classic Lam is the same MDF and veneer innerply construction without the decorative wood veneer overlays. Applications to consider for Classic Lam would include laminating, custom veneer lay-up and paint applications. Where tighter tolerances are required, ask about our  J Classic Lam options.