Painting Your Plywood?

Painting Your Plywood?

  • June 2, 2021
  • by Columbia Forest Products

Anybody reading design magazines, shopping in stores or eating in restaurants has seen it – dazzling blue or green kitchen islands…bright retail shelving that catches your eye, or solid color beaded walls and seating booths.

The choice to paint modern woodwork is being made every day, for the visual effect and with an eye toward easy maintenance.

For professionals looking to build and paint their own finished goods, we’ve got a twin lineup of factory-applied surface preparation treatments that can make the painting process faster, easier and more consistent.

FirstStep® Traditional Primed Panels

Our traditional primer coat applied to our hardwood plywood faces.  Our process seals, then primes, the panel’s surface…all you need is to lightly sand it with 320 or finer to assure a smooth face, then it’s ready to paint with a brush, roller or spray.

Our water-based primer helps the uniform adhesion of paint to panel, for excellent results. 

FirstStep® Traditional Primed is a great choice for shops with occasional painting needs, since it eliminates the problems associated with disrupting production flow that’s normally geared toward staining treatments.

New FirstStep® Production Grade Panel

Our other “ready to paint” option involves a treatment we apply using our UV coating capabilities … running our panels through the sanding, filling and sealing stage, then lightly sanding them once again.

FirstStep Production Grade panels provide a sheer, smooth coating that’s bonded to the face veneer, and is a great choice for solvent-based coating systems in high-volume production settings.

Between these two options, offered through our Klamath Falls/Oregon, Hearst/Ontario and Chatham/Virginia mills, Columbia has your painted needs covered!

For more information, visit our website or contact your Columbia Field Sales Representative.