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June 2024 Message from our CEO

June 2024 Message from our CEO

  • May 29, 2024
  • by Greg Pray, President and CEO

We entered 2024 thinking it was the year for a slight reset, due to persistently high interest rates, personal budgets crimped by inflation and a host of “unknowns” in the air.  

CFP’s economists believe that 2025-2029 will be a strong market, similar to a  “beach ball being held underwater” and that we might see a dramatic rebound in construction and renovation markets.  

That said, we’re having a solid year at Columbia with improved volume levels compared to the last couple of years. We are thankful for that. Of course, we’re also grateful to our customers and appreciate your continued support!

I’m encouraged by many of the activities happening around Columbia that will ensure we are better equipped to serve our customers — things that are (or will) help us do our jobs better and smarter.

For example, this issue will discuss the smarter, better forestry practices we’re leveraging by utilizing drones to enhance the “timber cruising” process. 

We’re also investing in our most important resource base — our people. In addition to the Leadership Series, through which we’re preparing the next generation of Columbia’s managers, we’re starting at the beginning with a revitalized internship program.

This summer, we’re hosting several interns in various career-specific positions in locations across North America. 

Columbia is also closely watching AI developments, seeing if any could apply to opportunities from Sales and Marketing to Logistics, Supply Chain and Manufacturing. It’s an incredibly exciting realm we’re about to enter.

Meanwhile, we’re also working on interesting new ideas for panel products and properties — stay tuned for that.

Enjoy your summer! 

Greg Pray

President and CEO

Columbia Forest Products

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