Wood Species 101: White Oak

Wood Species 101: White Oak

  • May 29, 2024
  • by Columbia Forest Products

The first spotlighted species in Columbia’s Wood Species 101 series is White Oak. This species is incredibly popular, with a lot of that popularity growing just over the past few years.

One of the standout features of White Oak is its exceptional ability to take stain. Unlike some other wood species, White Oak readily accepts stains and finishes, allowing for customization to achieve desired colors and effects. Whether opting for a natural, clear finish to showcase its inherent beauty or experimenting with darker stains for a more dramatic look, White Oak offers endless possibilities for creative expression.

The resurgence of White Oak’s popularity can also be attributed to the endorsements it has received from home improvement personalities and design influencers, notably on platforms like HGTV. These tastemakers helped White Oak gain traction among homeowners seeking to elevate their spaces with a beautiful, versatile species.

White Oak is also known to have a slight pinkish to tan/beige color range. Sometimes, when a pinkish tone is present, it can mimic the appearance of Red Oak. This can be attractive to some designers, since Red Oak is another popular species.

White Oak is offered in Plain Sliced, Quarter Sliced, and Rift Cut. Straight grain white oak is popular due to its contemporary look and can be achieved through rift cutting or quarter cutting.

Rift Cut – Straight grain appearance with little to no ray fleck

Quartered Cut – Straight grain appearance that will have medium to heavy ray fleck present

With White Oak, the assembly of the veneer sheet can be:

  1. Book Matched
  2. Slip Matched
  3. Plank Matched

See examples of these assemblies here.

Check out White Oak here and stay tuned for more updates on Wood Species 101!