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Welcome to Columbia Forest Products

Brand New.


Columbia Forest Products unveiled a new corporate brand identity June 19, 2013. The new branding initiative, which includes a logo and tagline, is part of a branding initiative that emphasizes Columbia Forest Products’ unique position in the North American hardwood plywood market as a product and process innovation leader.

The new Columbia Forest Products logo introduces a maple leaf pictorial element, symbolizing the North American-sourced hardwoods that are the foundation of the company’s product line.

A new accent color framing the maple leaf reflects Columbia’s healthy and green product philosophy and environmentally-responsible nature of its material sourcing and manufacturing processes.

Despite these new visual elements, the new corporate logo preserves the shape of the prior logo’s lettering, suggesting a continuity and evolution in the branding rather than a complete departure from the company’s historic mission and focus.

Corporate Tagline.


According to Brad Thompson, President and Chief Executive Officer, the new corporate tagline describes what Columbia Forest Products promises to the market and to the wider world:

  • Moving the industry forward
  • Innovative manufacturing
  • Environmental responsibility
  • Commitment to customer service
  • Top-­quality products at competitive prices

“Above all, it means conducting ourselves with absolute integrity,” he concluded.



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