NAHB Green Home Building Standard

Many of Columbia’s fine product offerings may count toward NAHB’s green building credits.

NAHB Green Home Building Standard

Chapter 6 Resource Efficiency

604 Recycled Content Materials.

604.1 Use recycled-content building materials

  • MDF Core.
  • Particleboard Core.

606 Use Renewable Materials.

606.2 Use certified wood and use wood-based materials from certified sources

  • FSC® Certified Veneer Core Hardwood Plywood.
  • FSC Certified Classic Core Panels.
  • FSC Certified Europly PLUS Panels.
  • FSC Certified MDF Core Panels.
  • FSC Certified Particleboard Panels.

Chapter 9 Indoor Environmental Quality

901 Pollutant Source Control.

901.4 Wood Materials

  • PureBond® Hardwood Plywood.
  • PureBond Classic Core Panels.
  • PureBond Europly PLUS Panels.
  • NAUF MDF Core Panels.
  • NAUF Particleboard Panels.

FSC certified wood products are available upon request.

These points and products were updated July 2011. Please contact a CGP or refer to the NAHB Green Building Standard to ensure no credit or system certification changes have occurred.NAHB Green Home Building Standard plywoodNAHB Green Home Building Standard plywoodNAHB, Green Home Building Standard, plywood, hardwood plywood, Green, PureBond