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Advantages of Using Prefinished Plywood

Advantages of Using Prefinished Plywood

  • May 23, 2018
  • by Columbia Forest Products

Every accomplished cabinet maker knows that the quality of their finished cabinetry relies on both their personal skill and the materials they use as well as finishing techniques.  

Even the most proficient cabinet maker will struggle to make quality cabinets if their choice of wood materials is not up to par. It’s important to purchase from a reliable hardwood lumber and plywood supplier who offers quality materials appropriate for professional cabinetry.

Unfinished plywood is a commonly used material for custom cabinets, but prefinished plywood is an excellent alternative for many projects, even those considered to be high-end. While prefinished cabinet-grade plywood may be popular for standard cabinetry designs, this material is highly versatile and can offer solutions for difficult builds.  

Reduced Labor

Unfinished plywood requires time, labor and expense to finish, while prefinished plywood is ready to install into cabinet interiors.

This makes prefinished plywood a great solution for projects that feature intricate or expansive cabinetry, and where rapidly increasing labor costs could become a concern. Reducing labor by using refinished plywood will relieve some pressure knowing you will not be sacrificing quality in any way.

Working with a durable and beautiful prefinished product allows you to perfect the construction of the cabinets themselves.

Increased Productivity

By using prefinished plywood, you are reducing the amount of time you need to spend finishing your project. Prefinished plywood also helps prevent human error in terms of drips, streaks and other visual flaws prevented through use of factory flat line finishing.

If you’re swamped with work, prefinished plywood will help you get your cabinets out the door more quickly, while still producing a quality finished product.

Additionally, if you work in a shop with other cabinet makers, using prefinished plywood frees up the spray booth for other types of projects.

Various Finish Options

There are plenty of finish options for prefinished cabinet-grade plywood, including high-durability finishes that may not be possible for individuals to accomplish on their own.

Prefinished cabinet grade plywood from Columbia Forest Products comes in a few different options. Our FinishLine series of coated plywoods feature the durability and cost-effectiveness of UV-cured, acrylated epoxy that offers durability and stain-resistance.

UV Wood™ 

This classic hardwood plywood comes with a scratch-resistant clear topcoat. A great choice for basic cabinetry and box building. It also meets Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturing Association (KCMA) requirements for stain-resistance of typical household products.

UV LabCoat™

A thicker finish is applied at the factory to create this chemical-resistant finished plywood for commercial laboratory use. This is the perfect solution if you need a product to handle potential chemical exposure in places like schools, labs and commercial settings, or if your client simply wants commercial-grade durability in a residential setting.


Custom solid stain combined with a UV-cured, clear, acrylated, epoxy topcoat made to match whatever color needed.


Pre-primed plywood allows for sanding and painting without sealing. Like UV Wood, this is also a great choice for basic cabinetry and box building when an opaque finish is required.

You can rely on these types of prefinished plywoods to have a high-level of performance and dependability, no matter what needs your client might have.

Cost-Effectiveness and Efficiency

Prefinished plywood comes at a slightly higher retail price per sheet. It’s worth the cost, however, when considering how much time and money you’ll put into prepping, filling, sealing and finishing unfinished plywood.

Between the amount of time it takes to set up your booth, spray the piece and clean up, the price of prefinished plywood may be well worth the monetary value of your time.

Also, factor in the costs of the surface treatments you’re using. When you add it all up, you just might find that prefinished plywood is often equal to or less than the cost of unfinished plywood, with advantages unfinished plywood does not have.

Uniform, Consistent Appearance

A successful cabinet build isn’t just a finished piece that is structurally sound, but one that is visually attractive. This is especially true of cabinets in residential homes in which the homeowner has a very specific desire in mind.

Prefinished cabinet-grade plywood is a highly effective product choice for any number of different projects. It provides custom color and finish options, and offers the reliability of knowing panels will match one another, making it a rewarding type of plywood to work with. Prefinished plywood is a perfect solution for any type of custom or upscale cabinet project for a very notable reason: it has a guaranteed consistent appearance with best-of-class durability.