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Ready to Paint Plywood: Why & How We Make It

Ready to Paint Plywood: Why & How We Make It

  • September 8, 2021
  • by Columbia Forest Products


The trend to painted woodwork has resulted in a great range of installed projects that carry the exact colors and tones intended by their designers and appreciated by their clients.   

From clean white shiplap to eye-catching primaries, today’s kitchens, restaurants, schools, stores, office and more are coming alive with painted wood, which is often paired with stained woodwork in the same space. 

It’s creativity unleashed! 

At Columbia, we’re supporting these visions through two panel treatments that help small shops and larger manufacturers apply paint using whatever system they operate.  We call it “First Step®.” 

Click here to download a copy of our latest brochure on these effective solutions.  Samples are also available, through the Contact Us button on our website.

Video Link: Here’s a quick look at how we convert a normal PureBond hardwood plywood panel to a “Production Grade” First Step panel that’s ready for paint in a high-volume production environment.

And if you’re curious about the direction colors for kitchen cabinets are heading, click here for the latest guidance from the team at the Sherwin-Williams Global Color & Design Center (GCDC).