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New DIY PureBond® Barn Wood Planks

New DIY PureBond® Barn Wood Planks

  • March 2, 2022
  • by Columbia Forest Products

Using real wood as a wall treatment is a very old idea. We’ve gone from log cabins to colonial wainscoting, ‘70s paneling and now, the “shiplap” look.

What’s NEW is how easy, fast and flexible we’re making it for the DIY community to cover their walls (and more) with thin PureBond panels.

 The Facts:

  • Each package contains 24 planks (30 square feet of coverage) and weighs 20 lbs.
  • Each plank measures 3-3/4” x 48” x 3/16” 
  • Maple faces (with random knots) are finished in a range of complementary rustic tones.

The Flexibility:

  • Backs are unfinished — you can seal, stain, paint or treat them as you see fit.
  • Not just for walls! Great for headboards, barn doors, bar fronts, cabinet ends and more.
  • Butt the planks together or leave an intentional gap for a more rustic appearance.
  • Can be aligned horizontally, vertically or at interesting angles.

 The Ease:

  • Cutting: planks can be trimmed with power tools or scored with a knife and snapped.
  • Applying: no adhesive required. Tack to studs with brads or pin nails.
  • Handling: comfortable, lightweight planks won’t tire you out.

Columbia is currently introducing this collection through The Home Depot.

Additional looks and formats are in development.