Plywood Pups

Plywood Pups

  • May 24, 2023
  • by Columbia Forest Products

Although furry friends and plywood are staples in most homes, you don’t usually think of them together. But for our teams in Mellen, Wisconsin and Craigsville, West Virginia, the caring connection was obvious.


Recently, the Mellen Caring Committee held a benefit for the Chequamegon Humane Association in Ashland, Wisconsin. The Chequamegon Human Association provides better quality of life for homeless pets and a standard of care that includes vaccinations, spay/neutering, socialization and more. 

Employees at Mellen were able to raise $1,469.44 for the organization and posed with an adopted dog, Arlo, while presenting the check. Thanks to the Mellen Caring Team for their hard work at the benefit!


When the West Virginia State Police’s canine in Craigsville unexpectedly passed away last year, there was little money in the budget to find and train a new one. The Craigsville Caring Committee saw this need and knew that in an area struggling with substance abuse, they could make a difference. 

The Caring Committee coordinated with the WV State Police to source a puppy named Bruno, covering all expenses related to his purchase and training. Now, Bruno is an energetic, well-trained police dog in Craigsville and lives with his handler, Trooper Davis.  

The team at Craigsville was even lucky enough to get to meet Bruno earlier this year.

“Bruno has been part of several arrests with his most recent having found around $25k in narcotics and weapons,” said Ashley Funk, caring team leader. “We know that Bruno and Trooper Davis will do great things in our community and surrounding areas.”