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Highway Heros: Keeping Columbia Rolling – Truckers!

Highway Heros: Keeping Columbia Rolling – Truckers!

  • November 16, 2023
  • by Columbia Forest Products

Recently, Truck Driver Appreciation Week gave us a chance to reflect back on all that Columbia Forest Products has done over the years. It’s no surprise that none of these accomplishments would’ve been possible without our carriers. We wouldn’t have the supplies we need to make our products, nor would we have a way to get those products to our customers. “We are Family” extends far beyond our employees, and we are committed to appreciating our truckers no matter the week.

A few quotes from our carriers about life in the transportation industry…

“I love working in trucking because it means I am directly helping America and its need for product of all sorts. From lumber to steel to groceries, our trucks are moving these products on a daily basis. I am proud to be part of the reason that product can go from the east coast to the west coast (and back again and all between) on a weekly basis. My favorite part of being on the customer service side of trucking is the amount of people I can connect with across the states.”
– Abigail Bresson, Roehl Transport

“Being a part of the trucking industry makes me proud, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. The relationship that TMC and CFP has built is solid and means a great deal to me as a CSR. Knowing they trust me and us as a company is something I take pride in and would like to continue to build and strengthen our partnership. I would like to thank CFP for acknowledging our drivers and taking part in Driver Appreciation Week. We wouldn’t be who we are without them or our amazing drivers.”
– Azure Nixon, TMC

“We have been in the trucking industry for the last 33 years. We have had trucks dedicated to CFP for the last couple of years. We appreciate CFP for giving our guys a chance to do what we do best.”
– Joy Gerwig, Gerwig Trucking

“J&R has been carrying freight for CFP for more than 28 years, and we have one of the oldest relationships as a carrier that I can recall. By working in the trucking industry, I have been fortunate to go places and see much of the U.S. that I would not otherwise have been able to do (also got to have my own business). Over the years, there have been many changes in the trucking industry, and we are happy to call CFP family for the last 28+ years. Special shoutout to Karen, Sherri, Brandi, Kathie and everyone who makes it work.”
– J&R Trucking Co.

A few truckers we got to recognize during appreciation week…

Mark of Gaines Express has done a shuttle run from Chatham, VA to Old Fort, NC for 15 years. He’s been driving a truck for a total of 20 years.

Norm has been with NLC as a truck driver for over 40 years. He’s hauled CFP loads for over 30 years.

Gary “Pops” Crisp has been driving for 60 years. He’s hauled loads with CFP for 22 years. He recalls his first trip for CFP was headed to Atlanta on September 11, 2001. He sat in traffic for hours with no air conditioning. He also once had a logging business.

Ron of J&R Trucking Co. has been driving a truck for 37 years and hauling for CFP for 25 years. He has been running a shuttle run from Chatham, VA to Old Fort, NC for 20 years – on and off.

Are you interested in becoming a carrier? Or do you have a trucking story to share with us? Contact us here!