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  • March 2024 Message from our CEO

March 2024 Message from our CEO

March 2024 Message from our CEO

  • February 15, 2024
  • by Columbia Forest Products

A Goal We Should Talk More About

It should surprise no one that a manufacturing company like Columbia Forest Products runs on metrics of all kinds.  We track and analyze and learn from data that measures everything from our suppliers’ deliveries to vat temperatures, log days, miles driven, cash cycles and of course, quality.

Everything we can measure has a goal attached, and it all drives our performance week in and week out.  It keeps us on point when it comes to leveraging the most effective and efficient ways to satisfy our customers with every panel or truckload.

But some of the most important metrics have to do with things our customers probably won’t see… the statistics we keep on the topic of SAFETY throughout our operations.

Let’s face it – these are the most important numbers we have.  They represent the results of our best efforts around protecting the health and welfare of our employee-owners while they’re putting in their best efforts on the job.

I am happy to report that in 2023, we beat our “DART Rate” goal, which we set well below the industry average.  And I am overjoyed to report that our 2023 DART Rate was the lowest we have ever achieved at Columbia.

(DART stands for “Days Away/Restricted/Transferred.”  It’s a metric developed by OSHA as a formula to measure the business impact of work-related illnesses or injuries in the form of lost time.)

It’s applicable to all businesses of all kinds, and it’s a great yardstick to compare yourself to others in your peer group or economy in general.

Columbia’s focus on Safety is embedded in our Values (We are Family) and our Purpose Statement (To significantly serve our employees and their families, our customers, communities and natural resources.)

I’ve always felt that a company’s Safety focus and results (especially in manufacturing) tell you a lot more about that company. It’s a big indicator of how well that company is being run.

Safety is smart. 

It reduces costs. 

It underpins efficiencies. 

It retains great labor. 

It makes good companies great.

We look forward to continuing to serve your needs in a responsible and safe manner.  Thank you for your interest and your business.

Greg Pray

President and CEO

Columbia Forest Products

Our Core Values

Customer Service

Absolute Integrity

We are Family

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