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Columbia Rotary White Maple™

Today’s solution to age-old problems with architectural wood doors checks off all the important boxes.

Hardwood Veneer Division

Newport, Vermont
115 Columbia Way
Newport, VT 05855

Are you tired of doors not showing up as envisioned (even though the spec was carefully written)?

Barber pole effect finishing results.  Door-to-door visual inconsistency.  Cost over-runs.  Wild, unwanted grain patterns.  “Machine gun” repeated defects.  All these problems can show themselves at the worst time possible – during the client walk-through.  If you’re tired of these things happening to your projects, learn about the easiest, cost-effective way to eliminate the risk (and gain some other advantages at the same time).

Why is Columbia’s Rotary White Maple (RWM) Such a Great Idea for Doors?

According to architects and specifiers, there are four main objectives in selecting faces for architectural wood doors.  RWM is uniquely suited to satisfy the full spectrum of Appearance, Sustainability and Legality and Cost.  It checks all the boxes.


  • Tight color range combined with subtle grain characteristics
    • Ensures visual compatibility from one door to the next
    • Door can complement nearby wood-faced fixtures and wall panels
  • Our Rotary White Maple (RWM) veneer accepts a wide range of finishes and colors
    • Which enables design flexibility on an affordable basis
  • Multiple veneer matching options
    • Traditional Book Match and Plank/Random Match
    • Whole Piece (no splice lines) – available only in rotary-cut veneer
      • Eliminates barber-pole and the potential for splice line-related issues
  • Our RWM faces are nearly 20% thicker than most plain-sliced veneers

Less job-site damage; and looks that last longer


  • RWM has a great story to tell
    • Responsible forest management
    • Log utilization rates lead all other cutting methods
    • Maple is among the ten most commonplace trees in the United States


  • North American-sourced maple is a very “low-risk” choice, compared to imported veneers from China or eastern Europe


  • Columbia’s highly-efficient rotary peeling technologies utilize 20-30% more of the log vs common slicing methods
    • This translates into very competitive pricing for a beautiful hardwood face
  • Based on choice of finishes, can be used in place of higher-priced premium face species

Great Design Flexibility

Whether your next project is a school, hotel, office, public building or other commercial interior, veneer matching options are where your design comes to life.  With Columbia’s RWM, the choice is yours… whole piece, book match, plank/random match, or slip match.

Whole Piece Face

  • No chance of barber pole finishing effect
  • No splice line issues
  • Can be pair-matched or set-matched to assure visual integrity

Traditional Book Match

  • RWM’s pleasant grain pattern and subtle color allow it to blend well from door to door

Plank/Random Match

  • “Consistently-Inconsistent” looks for each door
  • Beautiful lumber-look for finely-crafted effect
  • Reduces odds of non-matching door replacements in repair, renovation or add-on scenarios

Columbia’s RWM Checks Off all the Boxes